Lian Li’s LCD Display PC Case Fan: Cool & Visual

Lian Li’s recently launched LCD display PC case fan and We’re excited to share the cutting-edge Lian Li PC case fan with an LCD display, taking cooling and customisation to unprecedented heights. For those in pursuit of an extraordinary gaming PC experience, the UNI FAN TL LCD emerges as a game-changer. Not only do these high-performance PC fans offer remarkable cooling efficiency, perfect for maintaining optimal temperatures during intense gaming, but they also come with an added visual flair – a distinctive LCD display computer fan at their heart.

Imagine a cooling fan that not only performs efficiently but also doubles as an interactive display. That’s precisely what you get with the UNI FAN TL LCD. It features a vibrant 1.6” LCD screen capable of showcasing real-time system metrics or personalising your setup with dynamic images and videos. Whether you desire to monitor temperatures or express your unique style through custom graphics, the possibilities are endless.

The seamless blend of style and functionality makes the UNI FAN TL LCD an essential component for any enthusiast looking to construct a visually striking and top-performing gaming setup. Let’s dive into the world of Lian Li’s latest innovation and uncover how it revolutionises the realm of cooling fans for gaming PCs.

source: LIAN LI

Key Takeaways

  • State-of-the-art cooling meets customisable aesthetics with Lian Li’s LCD display PC case fans.
  • The UNI FAN TL LCD is perfect for enthusiasts seeking both peak performance and a personal touch in their gaming rigs.
  • Real-time system metrics display and custom imagery/video options elevate PC customisation to new levels.
  • The 1.6” LCD screen boasts a 400×400 resolution for clear and vibrant visual quality.
  • Integrated with L-Connect 3 software, the UNI FAN TL LCD allows for comprehensive customisation of display settings and fan performance.
  • Installation is user-friendly, promoting a clean aesthetic inside the PC case with superior cable management.
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty, Lian Li ensures reliability and satisfaction with their innovative cooling solution.

Introduction to Lian Li’s Innovative Cooling Solutions

Welcome to an exciting era of PC case cooling systems where aesthetics meets functionality. As PC enthusiasts ourselves, we’re thrilled to introduce the innovative Lian Li fan with LCD. The UNI FAN TL LCD is Lian Li’s answer to the community’s demand for high-performance PC fans that don’t just excel in cooling but bring a touch of personal flair to any build. Let’s delve into the features that allow this fan to redefine PC cooling fans.

At the forefront, there’s the customisable display powered by a state-of-the-art IPS screen, catering to those who yearn to infuse their setups with individuality. The display is not just for show; it’s a canvas ready to exhibit vital stats or a visual of your choosing. Coupled with an FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing), the fan guarantees a whisper-quiet yet potent performance, perfect for tackling intensive tasks and long gaming sessions without intruding noise.

  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing for silent operation
  • Modular daisy-chain design for sleek cable management
  • Comprehensive 3-year warranty for peace of mind

Our daisy-chain technology offers an innovative solution to the tangled web of cables that traditionally accompany PC case cooling systems. This modular approach not only simplifies the installation process but also enhances the internal aesthetics of your case, keeping it clutter-free and allowing your high-performance PC fans to shine (literally and figuratively).

Trust is essential, and hence, the UNI FAN TL LCD comes with a substantial 3-year warranty to ensure you feel secure in your investment. We’re not just selling you a fan; we’re providing a reliable partner in the long-term upkeep of your PC’s performance.

In Lian Li’s journey to create the ultimate cooling solution, it’s their passion that drives us to push the boundaries of what’s possible. The UNI FAN TL LCD is more than just a fan; it represents the pinnacle of their pursuit of innovation. It truly is a revolution in PC case cooling systems, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

The UNI FAN TL LCD: A Fusion of Cooling and Customisable Displays

As we delve into the world of advanced PC cooling, the LIAN LI UNI FAN TL LCD emerges as a frontrunner, blending impeccable cooling efficiency with a flair for customisation. It’s not just about maintaining optimal temperatures; it’s about making a statement with your build. Let us take a closer look at the features that set this LCD display computer fan apart.

Key Features of the UNI FAN TL LCD

The UNI FAN TL LCD distinguishes itself with a bespoke 1.6” IPS LCD screen, making it a standout amongst customisable pc fans. With the inclusion of Addressable RGB (ARGB) technology, each fan becomes a spectacle of light and colour, tirelessly working to keep your system cool while looking sharp. Whether it’s the lian li pc fan or the PC case fan, here’s what enthusiasts can expect:

  • Customisable displays for a unique touch to your PC
  • An infinity mirror amplifying the visual elegance
  • ARGB lighting that synchronises seamlessly with your system’s theme
  • Upload and display a cornucopia of content from statistics to symbols
  • Dynamic effects that add a new dimension to your gaming rig

It’s not just a cooling solution—it’s an extension of your style and personality moulded into your PC build.

Understanding the 400×400 Resolution on the 1.6” LCD Screen

The fan’s LCD display isn’t just for show; it boasts a stunning 400×400 screen resolution, providing crystal clear image quality and an immersive experience for video playback. Whether it’s a looping GIF or a favourite clip, the IPS panel ensures true-to-life colours and wide viewing angles, bringing your creative vision to the heart of your PC.

Imagine this: the fan spinning quietly, while the screen plays back your chosen visuals in rich detail—that’s the power of a high-resolution LCD display cooling fan. It transforms a mere component into a centrepiece.

Seamless Integration with L-Connect 3 Software

At the core of the UNI FAN TL LCD’s customisation prowess sits the L-Connect 3 software, a potent tool that empowers users to tailor every aspect of their fan experience. From cooling to aesthetics, L-Connect 3 harmonises the fan controlscreen customisation, and lighting effects with effortless precision.

  • Intuitive interface for tweaking fan curves and display settings
  • Custom text, graphics, and themed motion graphics at your fingertips
  • User-friendly editing tools for crafting the perfect display
  • Real-time system monitoring melded with artistic freedom
Customisable LIAN LI PC Fan with LCD Display
source:LIAN LI

This software is not just about functionality; it enriches the LIAN LI computer fan with personality and pizzazz, culminating in a PC case fan that speaks volumes of its owner’s tastes.

Setting Up Your Lian Li LCD Display Fan

Embarking on installing the innovative Lian Li UNI FAN TL LCD fans is a genuine treat for PC enthusiasts. The easy setup process is a pivotal highlight, ensuring your system not only runs cool but also exhibits a vibrant display of technology. Below, we’ll walk you through the straightforward stages of installation, adjusting fan speeds, and the daisy-chaining of these exceptional fans, which come with their own proprietary cable, to maximise both efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

Installation and Cable Management Simplified

Our initial focus is to secure the Lian Li UNI FAN TL LCD fans within your case. The fans’ versatile design allows for top, side, or front mounting, catering to various chassis layouts. Connecting to your motherboard headers is hassle-free with the included USB Type-C cable and 4-PIN PWM cable for that much-needed tidiness in your rig.

To further simplify cable management, a sata power cable couples neatly with Velcro straps, avoiding the web of wires traditionally seen in PC builds. This method ensures a clutter-free environment, optimising airflow around your components.

Fan Speed Control and Daisy-Chain Connectivity

When it comes to fan speed control, your command over the operational tempo of your pwm fan has never been more intuitive. The L-Connect 3 software ensures that whether you seek whisper-quiet operations or full-throttle airflow, configurations are merely a few clicks away.

The daisy-chain functionality is truly where these RGB fans shine. A single brief proprietary cable connects multiple fans, thereby streamlining the installation process and leaving your case looking immaculate. The additional advantage? A sublime cascade of synchronised lighting that dances effortlessly through your system.

Ease of L-Connect 3 Configuration

With L-Connect 3 acting as the central command center, setting up your LCD screen fans, including lighting control, becomes sheer simplicity. This sophisticated software allows real-time adjustments to fan speeds, ensuring your airflow optimization suits both your performance needs and acoustical preferences.

We’re confident that once your fan connection is executed—capitalising on the proprietary cable for secure signal transmission—you’ll be orchestrating the Lian Li UNI FAN TL LCD units to your tune, blissfully aware that peak performance marries stunning visuals in your computer system.

Easy SetupModular design with type-C and PWM cablesQuick installation and versatile mounting options
Cable ManagementIncluded Velcro straps and single connection cableClean and uncluttered interior for improved airflow
Fan Speed ControlAdjustable via L-Connect 3Optimise your cooling needs with precision
Daisy-Chain FeatureProprietary short cable for connecting multiple fansSeamless lighting effects and reduced cable clutter
L-Connect 3 SoftwarePersonalisation of fan speed and lightingUser-friendly interface with real-time control

Unlocking the Potential of Lian Li’s L-Connect 3

As we delve deeper into the world of PC customisation, L-Connect 3 software emerges as the keystone for managing and enhancing Lian Li UNI FAN TL LCD fans with ease. The bespoke software solution offers a myriad of screen customization options, allowing users to administer individual settings for their computer fan with an LCD display, creating an ecosystem that resonates harmoniously with both visual and thermodynamic needs.

  • Customising fan profiles: Tailor fan speed in accord with system requirements to achieve optimal airflow and noise levels
  • Diverse lighting modes: Experiment with an extensive range of vibrant effects, and adjust the light intensities of your customizable fans
  • Screen recording and editing: Capture and edit content directly within the software to project onto the fan’s LCD display

With L-Connect 3, your fan with an LCD display transitions from a mere cooling utility to a dynamic interface reflecting your distinctive style. Whether it’s vital system statistics or personal artwork, the software’s intuitive design ensures every modification is but a few clicks away. The amalgamation of practical software control with the aesthetic flair of screen customization culminates in a singularly bespoke computing experience.

FeatureOptionsCustomisation Impact
Fan Speed ControlQuiet, Balanced, PerformanceOptimize cooling relative to system demands
Lighting EffectsSync with RGB, Static, Breathing, BlinkingMatch the mood or aesthetic of your setup
LCD Display ContentSystem Stats, Custom Images/VideosPersonalise with content that tells your story
Built-in Editing ToolCrop, Overlay Text, Adjust TimingCreate unique visuals for your fan display

Our exploration of Lian Li’s L-Connect 3 reveals a treasure trove of capabilities, poised to elevate the standard of PC customization to new heights. As we equip our machines with these advanced customizable fans, we step into a realm where performance is fused with individuality, ensuring each computer fan with an LCD display becomes a testament to the owner’s unique identity.

Exploring the Aesthetic Appeal of RGB Lighting Effects

When we dive into the world of RGB lighting, we uncover an extensive spectrum of lighting effects that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Our experiences with these RGB fans have shown us the power of illumination in personalizing our gaming setups and workstations. It’s not just about the practicality of cooling anymore; it’s an entire aesthetic movement.

The beauty of dual zone lighting effects is the ability to craft an atmosphere that’s utterly unique to our space. The myriad color options available through L-Connect 3 software empower us to synchronize the LED strips on Lian Li’s fans, creating a cohesive visual narrative that is undeniably ours.

  • Comprehensive color selection to match any theme
  • Vibrant lighting that breathes life into our PCs
  • Customizable fans that reflect personal style

These RGB fans are not mere peripherals; they are centerpieces of our digital domains. Every choice in color options and lighting effects is a reflection of our identity, and with such tools at our disposal, we can make an indelible mark on our personal environments. with Lian Li’s RGB fans celebrate the visual symphony of RGB lighting.

Understanding the Cooling Metrics: Airflow & Static Pressure

When constructing a formidable pc case cooling system, grasping the importance of airflow and static pressure is paramount. These two variables are the linchpins of maintaining a serene and chilled atmosphere within your PC. Let’s dive into the specifics and decipher the ratings that underline stellar cooling performance.

Airflow Ratings of the Lian Li Fans

As purveyors of cooling fans, we understand that maximum airflow is vital for sustaining the health of your PC. The UNI FAN TL LCD variants from Lian Li are exemplary in this regard, ushering in a torrent of air to dispel heat. Allow us to present a table that collates these essential airflow ratings:

TLLCD14068.1 CFM

These figures epitomise the prowess of the Lian Li fan series in providing a robust pc case fan system, pivotal for both everyday use and intense gaming sessions.

Maximising Efficient Cooling with High Static Pressure

In situations where the airflow faces the challenge of obstructions, static pressure ascends as the hero of the hour. The might of a cooling fan to muster air through restrictive spaces like radiators and heatsinks is captured in its static pressure rating. Now, let’s explore the static pressure prowess of these fans with another informative table:

ModelStatic Pressure Rating (mmH2O)
TLLCD1202.9 mmH20
TLLCD1403.5 mmH2O

The commendable static pressure ratings of the Lian Li fans signify their adeptness at fostering an airflow optimization that excels in combating resistance. This culminates in a heightened cooling performance, solidifying our role in perfecting the thermodynamics of your PC.

Personalising Your PC with Screen Customisation

As avid PC enthusiasts, we understand the joy that comes from making a system truly our own. The trendsetting UNI FAN TL LCD propels this personalisation to new echelons with its advanced screen customisation features. Whether you’re aiming to monitor your system’s vitals or express your unique style, the 1.6” LCD screen offers a customizable display with unrivalled clarity. This isn’t merely about aesthetics; it’s about crafting a PC that resonates with our individuality.

Customizable LCD Display Fan
source:LIAN LI

Our pursuit of personalisation doesn’t end with mere hardware performance; the inclusion of an LCD display fan in our arsenal means we can exhibit dynamic graphics, vital system statistics, or even our favourite animated characters in striking quality. This level of customisation transforms each fan into more than just a cooling solution—it becomes a statement piece.

Here’s a glance at what you can envision on your own PC fans:

  1. Systematic readouts like temperatures and RPM to keep you informed during intense gaming sessions.
  2. Bespoke animations that add a moving spectacle to your rig, reflecting your personality and tastes.
  3. Personal artwork and images that turn the 1.6” LCD screen into a revolving gallery of your favourite visuals.

Combining practicality with personal flair, each PC fan with its customizable display becomes integral to our PCs not just for cooling, but as a centre of attention for anyone who glimpses our setup. To illustrate the multifaceted capabilities of the UNI FAN TL LCD’s display, consider this comprehensive comparison:

Resolution400×400 pixels for sharp and clear visuals
Supported FormatsGIFs and MP4 for animations; JPG and PNG for static imagery
Content OptionsSystem metrics, custom text, or visual graphics
Customisation SoftwareL-Connect 3 for seamless editing and updates
Visual ImpactEnhanced by RGB lighting and infinity mirror design

Embrace the boundless possibilities of screen customisation with LIAN LI’s LCD display fan and make your PC unmistakably yours.

Embedding Your Style: GIF, MP4, JPG, and PNG Support

As enthusiasts passionate about tech, we recognise that personalising our PC setups goes beyond mere functionality. It’s an expression of our individual style, and the UNI FAN TL LCD plays a pivotal role in this. It’s thrilling to see our fan with LCD display come alive with content that speaks to us, whether it’s a captivating scene from a favourite game or a custom logo that represents our digital persona. This kind of customisation isn’t just about aesthetics; it reflects our creativity and the unique atmosphere we’re cultivating around our gaming stations or workspaces.

Understanding the importance of versatility, it’s impressive how the UNI FAN TL LCD supports a wide array of file formats. From eye-catching animated GIFs that bring a sense of motion to our rigs to MP4 clips that can tell a story or set a mood, the impact is substantial. Even using static images such as JPG or PNG allows us to freeze an iconic moment in time, making our customizable fans a centerpiece rather than just a component.

Imagine the awe-inspiring effect when these visuals harmonise with the rest of our setup—gaming sessions become more immersive, and even daily tasks are framed in an inspiring backdrop.

  • GIF support ensures our displays are never static unless we want them to be.
  • MP4 compatibility brings the narrative of our favourite media directly onto our PC.
  • JPG and PNG support offers crisp, vibrant images that reflect our interests and accomplishments.

And it’s not just about showing off to the world. When we use our fans with LCD displays, we’re also inspiring ourselves with visuals that motivate and remind us of what we’re passionate about. It’s a celebration of personal taste and a constant incentive to customise and refine our collections of digital artistry. With customizable fans like the UNI FAN TL LCD, the possibilities are limitless, and the canvas to express ourselves is ever-expanding. Our setups become a testament to who we are, not just as gamers or professionals but as individuals with our own unique flair and creativity.

Innovations in Silent Cooling: Fluid Dynamic Bearing Tech

As we delve into the realm of silent cooling, it’s imperative to recognise the transformative impact of Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) technology in the design of modern computer case fans. Lian Li’s UNI FAN TL LCD, a paragon of quiet efficiency, embodies this innovation with aplomb. Let’s explore the nuances of low noise performance and the crucial role FDB tech plays in our quest for silent operation.

Low Noise PC Case Fan with FDB Technology
source:LIAN LI

The FDB technology guards against the intrusions of sound, ensuring that the PC case fan runs on whisper-quiet bearings. Whether you’re recording, streaming, or seeking solace in your computing environment, the FDB’s proficiency at dampening vibrational noise is unmatched. Below, we’ve tabulated the specific advantages FDB offers for your PC case fan, granting a serene workspace or gaming haven.

TechnologyFluid Dynamic BearingReduction in friction and wear
PerformanceLow Noise OperationWhisper-quiet cooling even under load
EfficiencySilent CoolingOptimal thermal management without auditory disruption
DurabilityLonger LifespanReliable performance over time

We’ve found through rigorous testing and real-world experience that selecting a PC case fan with FDB technology is not simply a choice; it’s a declaration of one’s commitment to noiseless excellence. their clients cherish the tranquillity that the UNI FAN TL LCD brings to their spaces, affirming Lian Li’s dedication to providing silent cooling solutions. With FDB at its heart, this fan stands as an exemplar of acoustic discretion for all who prioritise a hushed atmosphere.

Advanced Fan Features for the Gaming Aficionado

LIAN Li understands the importance of both function and form when it comes to building gaming PCs that truly stand out. The UNI FAN TL LCD is a testament to this philosophy, packing not just advanced cooling technology, but also a range of features that elevate the visual aesthetics of any gaming setup.

Enlarged Infinity Mirror and Dual Zone Lighting Effects

The centerpiece of Lian Li’s advanced feature set is the enlarged infinity mirror, a design innovation that creates a deep, almost hypnotic visual effect. Coupled with dual zone lighting effects, it brings a dynamic and colourful flair to your gaming rig that is bound to catch the eye. These lighting effects aren’t just stunning; they’re fully customizable, allowing you to create a look that’s uniquely yours.

Radiator Fans Designed for Gamers

For those who demand both impeccable cooling performance and an opportunity to showcase their individuality, Lian Li’s radiator fans are the ideal solution. They are designed to maintain optimal cooling performance even during marathon gaming sessions, while the customizable fans sport LCD displays that can be personalised to show off important system statistics or just your favourite logo or art piece. Let’s not forget the importance of airflow optimization, which is essential for sustaining high performance without thermal throttling. Our gaming PCs are our pride and our joy, and with these fans, performance meets personal expression in the most visually stunning way.

  • Enlarged infinity mirror for deeper visual impact
  • Diverse lighting effects, enriching the colour palette of your gaming set up
  • Highly customizable fans that display vital information or personal images and animations
  • Optimised airflow and cooling performance, ensuring your gaming PC runs at its best


In summing up our exploration of the Lian Li UNI FAN TL LCD fans, we’ve witnessed a remarkable synergy of cutting-edge aesthetics and cooling efficacy. These high-performance PC fans cater admirably to the requisites of gaming PCs, coupling robust thermal management with an unprecedented level of screen customisation. With an LCD display computer fan that goes beyond mere functionality, Lian Li has effectively set a novel standard in PC hardware, inviting users to not only cool their systems but also to characterise them with singular artistic flair.

The customisable nature of these cooling fans stands out, empowering us to inject personality into our gaming rigs. Lian Li has truly heeded the call for individuality, delivering a product that allows us to craft visually stunning displays that are as unique as our gaming strategies. As we seek hardware that matches our escalating performance demands, it’s gratifying to discover that options like these customizable fans are available to accentuate our setup without sacrificing quiet operation or ease of installation.

We can affirm that the Lian Li UNI FAN TL LCD fans are a discerning choice for those among us desiring a blend of aesthetic expression and thermal efficiency. It’s evident that our quest for components that reflect our personal style, while pushing the boundaries of cooling technology, is finally being realised. These fans are indeed an epitome of the fusion between art and practicality, perpetuating the evolution of customisation in the vibrant realm of PC gaming.


What are the advantages of using a Lian Li PC case fan with an LCD display?

The advantages include a touch of personalisation through custom visuals, real-time system metric display, high cooling performance, and a visually pleasing aesthetic that enhances the overall look of your gaming PC.

How do I customise the display on the UNI FAN TL LCD?

Customisation is carried out using the L-Connect 3 software, where you can upload various file formats such as GIF, MP4, JPG, and PNG to personalise the LCD display with your desired images or animations.

Can the RGB lighting on the UNI FAN TL LCD be synchronised with my PC’s RGB ecosystem?

Yes, the UNI FAN TL LCD is designed to sync with your PC’s RGB lighting system through the L-Connect 3 software, offering a cohesive and synchronised lighting theme.

Is the UNI FAN TL LCD difficult to install?

Not at all. The fan setup is designed to be straightforward, with a focus on simple daisy-chain connectivity for cable management and ease of installation in your PC case.

Can I control the fan speeds of the UNI FAN TL LCD?

Yes, the UNI FAN TL LCD offers precise fan speed control using the L-Connect 3 software, allowing you to optimise airflow based on your system’s needs.

What type of bearing is used in the UNI FAN TL LCD, and what are its benefits?

The UNI FAN TL LCD uses Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) technology, which promotes silent operation and long-lasting performance with reduced noise levels, especially ideal for gaming and heavy-load situations.

Are the cooling metrics like airflow and static pressure important to consider for the UNI FAN TL LCD?

Absolutely. High airflow ensures robust circulation, and strong static pressure allows the fans to push air efficiently even in tight spaces, which is crucial for maintaining optimal temperatures in your gaming PC or heavy-duty workstation.

How does the 1.6” LCD screen enhance my PCM case’s visual appeal?

The 1.6” LCD screen adds a unique layer of visual interest to your PC case with its high-resolution display capable of showing vivid images, animations, or system metrics, creating a standout feature in your setup.

What resolution does the LCD on the Lian Li UNI FAN TL offer, and why does it matter?

The LCD offers a 400×400 resolution, which is key for displaying sharp and clear visuals, making it a striking addition that stands out in your PC build.

How do I manage the cables when installing multiple UNI FAN TL LCD fans?

The UNI FAN TL LCD features a modular daisy-chain design, which allows you to connect multiple fans neatly, avoiding unnecessary cable clutter and maintaining a clean look inside your PC case.

What support does the L-Connect 3 software provide for the UNI FAN TL LCD?

L-Connect 3 serves as a central hub for managing fan speeds, customising LCD screen content, and setting up lighting effects, offering a user-friendly interface that supports a highly customisable and efficient cooling experience.

What types of visual content can I display on the UNI FAN TL LCD’s screen?

You can display a wide range of visuals including custom text, static images, animated GIFs, MP4 videos and system readouts like temperature or RPM, making your fan’s LCD screen a canvas for personal expression.

Are Lian Li’s UNI FAN TL LCD fans compatible with all kinds of PC cases?

These fans are designed to fit most modern PC cases and should be compatible with any case that accommodates standard fan sizes. Nonetheless, it’s recommended to check your PC case specifications for fan clearance and mounting points.

What does the enlarged infinity mirror feature do?

The enlarged infinity mirror design on the UNI FAN TL LCD adds depth and a captivating visual effect to the fan, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the fan’s RGB lighting.