Snapchat Planet Order And Meaning Snapchat Planet Order And Meaning

Discover Snapchat Planet Order And Meaning

Snapchat is changing how we share photos by adding the excitement of space to our digital chats. This Snapchat space trip is more than just a fun idea; it’s a new way to think about and appreciate our friends. With Snapchat, you can explore a galaxy of friendships in a fun, virtual world. It’s a journey that starts with a simple swipe and takes you to live chats, messaging, and even messages that disappear.

Snapchat keeps being a top social media app by adding new and familiar features. Come with us as we explore this star map of connections, perfect for those who love the stars and digital adventures. This trip through the Snapchat planet order is for the curious, anyone who finds joy in everyday things. Let us show you a network of friendships where every talk and every message brings the Snapchat universe to life.

snapchat planet order

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about the Snapchat planets, each one unique to your friendships.
  • See how the Snapchat solar system represents your best friends as different planets.
  • Enjoy a mix of virtual and augmented reality on a social media platform.
  • Find the special Snapchat space collection in the favorite photo sharing app of Gen Z.
  • Discover how multimedia messaging and live video chats can help you make and keep friends.
  • Understand the role of disappearing messages in the Snapchat starry sky.

Introduction to Snapchat and Its Features

Snapchat is a social media app that has really caught the attention of young people. It’s exciting because it offers different ways to chat, like sending messages that disappear and using fun augmented reality. People love using it because it’s a new and different way to talk with friends. Our chats feel special and don’t last forever, making them more interesting.

Snapchat Plus Features

What Makes Snapchat a Popular Social Media App

Snapchat is known for being fun and creative. It’s really ahead of its time with features that lots of young people like. The app combines sending messages with special effects that disappear, which is something a lot of users enjoy. This way of chatting quickly and creatively is really popular, especially with younger users who like quick and memorable conversations.

What’s New with Snapchat Plus

Snapchat Plus isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a reimagining of the Snapchat experience. This premium version offers unique features such as customizable app icons, the ability to see who rewatched your stories, and, most notably, the innovative Friend Solar System. This subscription service caters to the evolving needs of digital natives, providing an exclusive space within the familiar Snapchat environment.

Snapchat Friend Solar System Explained

Welcome to a fun journey into the Snapchat Friend Solar System, a part of the Snapchat Plus features. This tool turns your friend list into a vibrant display of planets, showing how close you are to each friend.

snapchat friend solar system

Explanation of the new feature in Snapchat Plus

With Snapchat Plus, your friends list becomes a colorful array of planets. Each planet shows a different kind of friendship, making it easy and fun to see who you’re closest to in the digital world. Snapchat Plus offers a unique way to view your social connections.

You as the Center of Your Snapchat Universe

Imagine you’re the Sun in your own Snapchat universe. Your friends orbit around you like planets, each one showing how close you are to them. From the nearest to the furthest, this setup helps you see your social network in a new, exciting way.

Discovering the Snapchat Celestial Friend Circle

Snapchat Plus lets you explore your social connections as if they were stars and planets. This feature helps you see the strength of your friendships through a space-themed display, making it a fun and insightful experience.

The Roles of Different Snapchat Planets

Each planet in Snapchat represents a different level of friendship. The closer the planet, the stronger the bond. From the warm closeness of your best friends to the distant acquaintances, this feature paints a beautiful picture of your social connections.

Understanding the Planetary Representations

In the Snapchat Friend Solar System, each planet symbolizes a different tier of friendship:

  • Mercury: Your top friend, the person you interact with the most.
  • Venus: The second closest, indicating a strong, ongoing connection.
  • Earth to Uranus: These planets represent a spectrum of friends, from regular contacts to occasional but valued connections.
  • Neptune: The eighth closest friend, signifying the outer limit of your top Snapchat circle.

Exploring Snapchat’s Friend Solar System Meaning

The standout feature of Snapchat Plus is the Friend Solar System. Here, your friends are depicted as planets revolving around you, the Sun, in an engaging, visually compelling manner. This feature is more than just an aesthetic addition; it represents the depth and frequency of your interactions with each friend, offering a novel perspective on your social connections.

Snapchat Friend Solar System

Mercury: Your Top Friend

Mercury: Snapchat Friend Solar System

The red and heart-filled ‘snapchat mercury’ is for your number one friend – the one you talk to all the time, sharing everyday moments and big news, symbolizing a strong bond.

Venus: Your Second Best Friend

 Snapchat Friend Solar System

‘Snapshot venus’ in light brown with multicolored hearts stands for a close second-place friend. This is the person you think of and snap immediately when something reminds you of them, showing a deep friendship.

Earth: Your Third Closest Friend

Earth: Snapchat Friend Solar System

‘Snapchat earth,’ blue and green with moons and hearts, represents your third-best friend. This is a consistent friend in your Snapchat circle, someone you regularly exchange snaps with.

Mars: Your Fourth Closest Friend

Mars: Snapchat Friend Solar System

The red ‘snapchat mars,’ surrounded by stars and hearts, is for your fourth closest friend. Regular snaps keep this friendship strong and lively.

Jupiter: Your Fifth Closest Friend

Jupiter: Snapchat Friend Solar System

‘Snapchat jupiter,’ in regal red with contrasting stripes, is your fifth closest friend. It’s the largest planet, signifying a significant and strong friendship.

Saturn: Your Sixth Closest Friend

Saturn: Snapchat Friend Solar System

‘Snapchat saturn,’ known for its iconic ring, symbolizes your sixth closest friend. Your interaction might not be daily, but the shared memories and laughs are unique and cherished.

Uranus: Your Seventh Closest Friend

 Snapchat Friend Solar System

The calm green ‘snapchat uranus’ stands for quieter, more casual friendships at the seventh level. It represents a calm bond that’s still an important part of your Snapchat world.

Neptune: Your Eighth Closest Friend

Neptune: Snapchat Friend Solar System

The distant blue ‘snapchat neptune’ is for friends who are a bit further in your social circle but still in your top eight. This could be a friendship that’s developing or one that’s been closer in the past.

The Snapchat Friend Solar System is a creative way to see the different levels of friendships you have. By engaging with these planets, you delve into the heart of your Snapchat experience.

Snapchat’s Friend Solar System

Friend Solar System is a fun way to see your friendships as part of a space journey, adding an exciting twist to your social life. This feature is exclusive to Snapchat Plus members, offering a unique way to view and navigate your relationships.

Neptune: Snapchat Friend Solar System Feature

Access the Snapchat Planet Feature

To start exploring this feature, you need to get Snapchat Plus. This subscription unlocks the Snapchat Friend Solar System, where friendships become an adventure in space. Joining Snapchat Plus is more than just getting new features; it’s about taking your social interactions to a new level.

Viewing Your Friends as Planets

With Snapchat Plus, you can easily see your friends represented as planets. Just tap on a friend’s badge to see their planet, showing how close they are to you in your Snapchat universe. From your closest friends as ‘Mercury’ to others as ‘Saturn’, this feature gives a clear view of your friendships.

Badges for ‘Best Friends’ and ‘Friends’

Snapchat also has ‘Best Friends’ and ‘Friends’ badges. The ‘Best Friends’ badge shows those in your top eight, indicating strong, mutual connections. The ‘Friends’ badge identifies other important friends. These badges help you understand and navigate your social network in Snapchat.


Snapchat Plus represents the next step in the evolution of social media. By combining the fun elements of virtual space exploration with the practicality of enhanced social media tools, Snapchat Plus is set to redefine how we interact online.


What is the Snapchat planet order and how does it relate to my friends list?

The Snapchat planet order is a creative feature of Snapchat Plus that uses planetary representations to show your top eight friends, based on interaction levels. Similar to our own solar system, you are the central ‘Sun’ with your closest friends depicted as planets in descending order from Mercury to Neptune.

How is Snapchat Plus different from the traditional Snapchat app?

Snapchat Plus is a paid subscription offering of the standard Snapchat app with exclusive features. These perks include the ability to change your app icon, check who has rewatched your stories, and the unique Friend Solar System, among other Snapchat Plus perks aimed at enhancing your experience on the social media platform.

Can you explain the Snapchat Friend Solar System concept?

Certainly! Snapchat’s Friend Solar System mirrors our own solar system in its structure with the Snapchat user as the ‘Sun’ and their top eight friends as surrounding planets. The proximity and size of these planets in Snapchat’s version convey the intensity and frequency of interactions, creating a visual representation of your social hierarchy on the app.

What does each planet in the Snapchat Friend Solar System represent?

Each planet, from Mercury to Neptune, represents a slot in the hierarchy of your top eight friends. Mercury indicates your best friend with whom you share the most snaps, while Neptune, the outermost planet, represents your eighth closest friend. This sequence accounts for the different levels of friendship proximity on Snapchat.

What are the specific meanings behind individual planets in the Snapchat Friend Solar System?

In the Snapchat Friend Solar System, Mercury denotes your number one friend on the app, while Venus symbolises the second closest friend, followed by Earth for the third, Mars for the fourth, Jupiter for the fifth, Saturn the sixth, Uranus the seventh, and Neptune the eighth. These celestial objects in the Snapchat cosmic collection serve as snapchat friend indicators, reflecting the intensity of your connections.

How does one access the Snapchat’s Friend Solar System feature?

To access the Snapchat Friend Solar System, you must subscribe to Snapchat Plus, which is a premium membership. Once subscribed, you can tap on a planet badge on a friend’s profile to discover the nature of your friendship and your position in their solar system, as well as see if you have earned the Best Friends badge.

What do the “Best Friends” and “Friends” badges signify on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, the “Best Friends” badge, surrounded by a golden halo, indicates that you and another user sit within each other’s top eight friends, thus it’s a mutual connection. The “Friends” badge, on the other hand, shows your position in a friend’s solar system without the requirement of reciprocity. These badges form part of the Snapchat premium membership experience.

Is Snapchat’s virtual reality aspect important for the Snapchat planet order feature?

While the Snapchat planet order isn’t a virtual reality feature, it still leverages the app’s innovativeness within the augmented and virtual reality domains. Snapchat employs these technologies to create immersive experiences, but the Friend Solar System is more of a whimsical, visual representation using classic app aesthetics.

Are disappearing messages and live video chats part of the Snapchat Plus subscription?

Disappearing messages and live video chats are fundamental features available in both the standard version of Snapchat and the Snapchat Plus subscription. They are not exclusive to the subscription but remain integral to the multimedia messaging and social interaction that Snapchat offers.

Can Gen Z users benefit from the Snapchat Plus features?

Absolutely! Gen Z users are known for their affinity for digital innovation and social media platforms. The exclusive features of Snapchat Plus, such as the Friend Solar System and Snapchat Best Friends Solar System visualisation, can particularly resonate with this demographic by enhancing social experiences and connections.